Living Organic: mama’s going back to school!

For the last couple years I have worked harder than ever to develop a fitness routine that worked for me and began to really pay attention to what foods made me feel good and which negatively influenced my health. I started eating grass-fed, organic and actually increased the amount I ate in a day. In that time, I have lost 60 pounds! Weight loss and more food, WHAT?! I began to see symptoms get increasingly better and began to have more energy than I have in the  last 15 years, since becoming chronically ill. Seeing these changes has really inspired me to consider a certification in wellness. I like the idea of getting to the root of a problem. Whether I choose to use that knowledge to benefit my family and friends, or decide to launch a business using these skills, I am excited about the idea of immersing myself in all things nutrition and learning all I can for the next 12 months. After researching some of the top schools for this type of coaching certification, I’ve decided to enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. So, what will this look like? And how will life change? For the next year, I’ll be fully committed to finding lifestyle balance and learning how to get the most out of what we eat. I’ll have a full class load and it will be online. And for anyone else who has taken classes online, we all know it is a lot of extra work. I want the opportunity though to be learning from some of the leading experts in Integrative Nutrition and Functional Medicine. Some of the people that I will get the honor to learn from is: Mark Hyman, MD, David Wolfe, Lissa Rankin, MD, Joe Cross from “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Neal Barnard, MD and Andrew Weil, MD. It’s exciting to think of the insight I’ll gleam and be able to share with both those I love and possibly clients. This experience has the possibility to change my life and yours as well!

What will this mean for you? I will share with you the things I learn. Recipes with moms in mind, do it yourself food prepping ideas, we’ll dive into controversial topics like GMO, conventional and organic foods.  Have something you would like to discuss? Comment below. Let’s get the conversation started!