Free Falling into Fostering!

If you have read about our experience with trying to conceive in less than a year, you know that we decided to step back from parenting in that way. Due to my medical issues, it had become risky being off the medications that would pose a risk to the baby but those same medications greatly influence my quality of life. My husband and I are still going to become parents again. We’ve decided to go a route that I am somewhat familiar with, foster-to-adopt. We are planning to try to help as many kiddos as possible, while remaining open to adoption if the opportunity presents itself. I know God will guide and direct each move as we open our heart and home. So, here is what we know so far:
  1. We are planning to foster age 0 – 3.
  2. We are open to any gender, ethnicity and religion.
  3. We are planning to get certified through our county.
  4. We will start by accepting one placement and eventually have 2 – 3 children at one given time.
  5. Our home will be a safe haven. We will love these babes as if they are our own.
  6. We won’t have a lot of background when receiving a placement but even if we do, we cannot discuss the details due to privacy of the child and the biological parents.
  7. We will need support and prayers, as often we will feel heartbroken.
  8. We may have a very different parenting style than you. We aren’t judging you for how you parent. We do have strict guidelines as licensed foster parents that we must follow.
  9. An average placement will be in our home for a year; however, it can be far shorter or longer than that.
Where are we at in the process:
  • We have been in contact with a social worker.
  • We have received our application. It is A LOT of paperwork.
  • My husband and I are on the same page.
  • Our first home study is scheduled.
Remember, “The struggle is part of the story…”


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